Stu McCallister has been performing for audiences for a long time. It started when he was working as a social worker and then transitioned onto the comedy stage. Stu has participated in several comedy fests including Trial By Laughter, Laughing Skull, The World Series of Comedy and the Oddball Comedy Fest and Laughfest where he produces the Dirty Show. Stu recorded his 1st comedy cd in Nov of 2015 and looks forward to its release.  Stu’s act can be described as a mixture of part truth, part delusion and all hilarious.
When not on stage Stu writes an advice column for and has his own podcast (LMNOPodcast) which can be heard on iTunes or Soundcloud.  Stu has been trained in improv and is not afraid to say ‘Yes, and…’  Stu has worked with crowds varying from pastor appreciation nights, college shows, Amish folk, and honky tonk bars. Stu looks forward to hitting the next stage and saying something ridiculous.