Moody McCarthy thinks about jokes constantly. Good thing he’s a comic – he’d be an annoying physician assistant. Moody began his stand-up in the 1900s, and now – with network credits & a night license – he’s more in demand than ever. Based out of New York, he’s become a fave nationwide by spinning yarns about women with raspy voices, the joys of time zones, and the perks of being an uncle. No gimmicks, just jokes! And don’t let Moody’s decorum fool you – he’s no candyass: here’s a versatile act you can take home to your folks or to your gang initiation. Moody’s credits include: Last Comic Standing IV (NBC); Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC); Star Search 2003 (CBS); The Early Show (CBS); Style Network; Comcast Comedy Spotlight; CTV (Canada); WYYY morning radio (sportscaster & comic), Conan O’Brien, and the Late Show with David Letterman.