Matt Cooper involves everyone in the room because the show is about them — their minds, their thoughts, their reactions. Imagine displays of…

  • Group telepathy
  • Accurate & hilarious character readings
  • Impossible memory stunts
  • Giving mental powers to your VIP, and more

It packs small and plays big, leaving you to focus on other event details.

* Stage Show bookings may last between five and sixty minutes — let’s discuss the best option.

“I hired Matthew to perform at a holiday bash for my team & our clients, and he was the absolute highlight of the party. He was on time, personable, an absolute expert, and stunned the crowd. He made his way through the party of 70 people seamlessly, spending time with each group and performing outstanding mind-reading. I’d recommend Matthew to perform at any event.”  – 

“We have a very eclectic guest list at our events made up of film, fashion, music, business and art stars and it’s always a challenge to find interesting, entertaining and sophisticated artists who can keep all these people intrigued and entertained. I am really thrilled we found him. Our guests were astounded by what he did! I mean blown away, truly. I cant thank him enough for being part of it, he added a really interesting twist to the atmosphere and everyone has been raving non-stop. The event was a huge success and we can’t imagine ever doing it without him now. Can’t wait for the next time — I better book him now. I truly can’t thank him enough, amazing, mind-bendingly blowing and brilliant.”  –New York Academy of Art