An Atlanta native, Mark has spent his entire life in the South. However, he is NOT what you might expect to see when you hear the words “Southern Comic”. Not only is his comedy hilarious, but it is smart, to the point and cutting edged clean. Two things you will take from his show are that you don’t have to be dirty to be funny and having a Southern accent does not make you stupid! In fact, his “Southern, Not Stupid!” tour has been taking audiences by storm from coast to coast, on land and at sea. At the same time he erases the myth that everyone from the South is some kind of redneck, inbred pig farmer! Mark opens up the lighter side of the dumb things you see everywhere with a fresh and honest look. Since stupidity is universal, it can’t be pinpointed to any one group or region, you are going to come across it every day. And as he puts it, “If you can’t laugh at the stupid people, then what good are they?”  It is important to note that Mark is not now, now will he ever be “Politically Correct”. At the same time he does not take cheap shots at anyone just to get a laugh. While some material might be considered adult, he works clean and keeps his act to a PG-17 level. Above all he is proudest of the reputation he has earned over the years for being a complete professional both on and off the stage.