JOBY SAAD  (Pronounced Sad)  George Shapiro of Shapiro/West Management (Jerry Seinfeld’s management) took notice of Joby’s talents at a performance at the Ice House in Pasadena California. “George made calls, and the next thing I know I’m auditioning for network sitcoms, say’s Joby”. Joby’s big break came from his starring role on an episode of the family friendly television series Bananas Comedy in 2005. Then in 2006 came the Warner brothers “Thou Shalt Laugh” starring Patricia Heaton from “Everybody loves Raymond”.  Featuring seven of the nations top clean comedians it went on to become the highest selling comedy DVD within its genre.  From that Joby launched his own television series “Vidiots”  ”It’s silent comedy.  I love being able to tell a story and reach an audience of all ages and all languages.  The humor is universal and continually reaching an international audience. Having been broadcast on cable, however its popularity on youtube is what has gotten Joby stopped and recognized on the streets of New York city. Known for his expressive, rubbery face. Makes sense that he’s a big fan of physical comedians such as Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, and Tim Conway. His stand-up, like his films, involves a lot of physical comedy. He frequently closes his shows with an inspired bit where, in pantomime, he removes one pair of pants after another, becoming a new character each time. But everything he does is clean.  Joby has had the honor of performing for our troops in Honduras, entertaining the children of 101stairborne, Fort Campbell Ky, The children and families of St. Jude Hospital, and Le Bonheur children’s Hospital in Memphis is what I’m most proud. Five years on the stage at Lifest, the largest Christian music festival in Oshkosh Wisconsin.