Jim Gossett is leaving America laughing as the nation’s number one Donald Trump Impersonator. Jim’s spot on impression of our 45th President includes up to the minute award winning comedy material “ripped from the headlines.” As a daily contributor to radio stations from coast to coast, Jim is constantly updating his Donald Trump show with topical jokes and hilarious parody songs. (President Trump SINGS, who knew it?)  Unlike other Trump impersonators, Jim is a seasoned performer with 30 years of experience in stand up comedy and political satire. He has worked for almost every major company, organization, and association in the course of his career as a professional entertainer. Jim Gossett regularly receives rave reviews for his ability to write and perform custom material for specific companies and groups, adding a personal touch that clients really appreciate. Never mean or partisan, Jim pokes fun in a light-hearted, good-natured way.  As a gifted impressionist with a stable of over 200 celebrity voices, Jim’s Donald Trump Show features “visits” from a cast of a famous voices. No newcomer to political comedy, Jim garnered national exposure for his portrayals of Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Governor Mitt Romney and many others.  As Donald Trump or in his regular comedy impressionist show, Jim Gossett will make your next event a memorable one!