IMPROV SHMIMPROV   @improvshmimprov

Improv Shmimprov delivers hilarious short form improve comedy in a high-energy, interactive performance. Since 2003, Shmimprov has been playing to college audiences around the country including their weekly sold-out performances in Southern California. A group of quick-witted comedians take suggestions from the audience (in the style of Whose Line is it Anyway) to act out short scenes in an entirely unscripted night of comedy. Audience interaction is constant as Shmimprov gets volunteers on stage as they act out a day in their life, recruit them to create sound effects for a scene, or even borrow cell phones to use their texts as dialogue! Every show is brand new and can be custom tailored to each school personalizing Shmimprov’s unique brand of rapid fire comedy to your campus. Improv Workshops are also available!