Summit Comedy, Inc. has been booking comedy shows for Country Clubs since our beginning in 1998!
We work with you to find the best comedy entertainment to fit your specific needs, budget and theme!

We have countless comedy options for you that are nationally touring, professional, comedians, hypnotists, ventriloquists, celebrity comedians, comedy magicians, and more!

Check out the FAQs below, then contact us when ready to book your next event!  We’ll make you look like a rock star for choosing a comedy night for your members and guests!



Member/Guest tournament events

Quarterly or Yearly Comedy Nights

Holiday &/or Theme Events

Dinner & a Comedy Show Package

Corporate Golf Outing Entertainment

“One of the best ideas we’ve had at our Clubhouse.  Not sure why we didn’t think of doing comedy shows earlier!  Summit Comedy is top notch!” -Mark McLauchlan; Highland Creek GC 

“Our comedy event went great! Both comedians were outstanding! We had a lot of Members asking when the next one is going to be. A huge success for us!”  -Randy Jensen; Riverview GC 

“Our show was amazing!  All of the comedians did a terrific job!”  -Karen Ruth; Quail Hollow Country Club 

“Absolutely fantastic show!  Everyone enjoyed both comedians!  The tailored comedy was especially funny and appropriate for our members. They are still talking about it!” -Steve Hupe; Spring Creek Country Club

FAQs of Country Club Comedy Nights:

Q: What is the cost?
A: That depends on the talent level of comedians you are looking for.  The more recognizable the talent, the higher the talent fee tends to be.  Remember the old saying “You get what you pay for?”  It applies here as well.  However, we will always maximize you entertainment dollar with the best available talent for your specific budget.  Call 800.947.0651 x 2 or email for a specific quote.

Q: What are my Production needs?
A: You will need to provide a stage, a PA sound system with a corded microphone, and a straight microphone stand.  Comedy shows simple, as long as everyone in the audience can SEE & HEAR the comedians, the rest is left to the talent on stage!

Q: What if I don’t have a PA system?
A: They are pretty easy to find and not too pricey.  You can rent or purchase them typically from most local music stores.

Q: How long is the show?
A: If booking at least 2 comedians for your event, most shows will be at least 80-90 minutes in length.

Q: What time should I start the show?
A: The start time is completely up to you! If you are having dinner or appetizers at your event it needs to be completed before you start your show so there are no distractions going on during the event.  Also, if there are a lot of windows in the facility where the show is taking place that can’t be covered; we suggest you select a show time when it’s completely dark outside.

Q: How much should I charge my members?
A: Again, this amount is up to you.  You might want to price your tickets accordingly to your talent budget but $15-$25 is a good starting point and is a great value for your members.

Q: If I do a show with another club in the area can I get a discounted rate?
A: Yes, we give a discount of 10% to EACH club if you book two shows on consecutive dates – e.g. Friday & Saturday. These clubs must be within a three-hour drive in order to receive this discount.

Q: What is the content rating of the show?
A: We will work with you to determine your exact needs since every account is different. None of our acts are X-rated.  If you need your comedy on the clean side, not a problem!  We’ll suggest comedians that fit your content desire and your member/guest demographics.  Even the cleanest comedians might have innuendo in their act that might not be suited for kids, so we suggest either “18 and above” for attendance or “21 and above” if alcohol will be served at the facility.

Q: What are our talent options?
A: If it involves humor we have it!  Comedians, Hypnotists, Ventriloquists, Celebrity Comedians, Comedy Magicians, and more are all available from Summit Comedy, Inc.  Just let us know your specific talent budget and performance date(s) and we’ll take it from there!