Book a comedy night at your venue!

Thank you for expressing interest in Summit Comedy, Inc. We are a reputable Comedy Agency providing weekly and monthly Comedy Nights to countless Nightclubs, Comedy Clubs, Country Clubs, Casinos, Hotel Lounges, & Bars nationwide.  We can handle any budget you have, large or small, always maximizing your entertainment dollar; specifically targeting your comedy needs.  Below you will find the answers to many, if not all of the questions you may have regarding our comedy organization. We look forward to doing business with you, and please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions whatsoever.

-Chuck Johnson President; Summit Comedy, Inc.


Your Comedy Needs?

We can handle any comedy need you may desire. If you’re looking to bring comics to your venue daily, every week, every other week, etc. We will work around your needs. If you are looking to bring an emcee to host an event or a Nationally known celebrity comedian, we are your one-stop comedy supplier.

Who are the Comedians?

Unless you are contracting Celebrity performers on a regular basis, the comedians’ names normally would not have a high public recognition; however, many of the entertainers have appeared on The Tonight Show, Late Night w/ David Letterman, HBO, Showtime, Star Search, MTV, A&E, and Comedy Central. The point here is that Summit Comedy, Inc. will provide you consistent top-quality entertainers with each booking. The audiences return because your establishment has “funny” comedians, and recognition is not a prerequisite for a laugh-filled evening of comedy. Each comedian will be a Nationally touring professional comedian.

How Many Comedians Should We Use?

Most full-time/weekend comedy clubs in the country use a format of three comedians. Normally when doing just one night a week, two comics will suffice.

OPENER/EMCEE: This comedian is capable of doing 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the show, and will serve as a master of ceremonies throughout the performance.

FEATURE/MIDDLE ACT: This act is very important because he/she serves as a segue for the entire program. This comedian is capable of doing a quality 25-30 on a regular basis.

HEADLINER: This performer closes the show and is capable of doing a consistent laugh filled 40-60 minute set.

How Will It Affect My Venue?

Every room is different, But the goal is to use comedy to promote your less profitable nights to bring in more revenue to you, and to make your room stand out in the community because of the uniqueness of the promotion. Surveys have proven that less than 10% of the American population has ever been to a comedy club, so with the right promotion, you will be bringing in a new and varied audience that will return to see comedy on a regular basis. As an added bonus, many comedians provide mailing lists &/or social media sign-ups at the end of their shows so they can promote themselves the next time they are in your club, creating less advertising work on your end.

How Profitable Is a Comedy Night?

Every town is going to be different, but with the right promotions, you can make your comedy night a huge success. Summit Comedy, Inc. can assist you with ideas how to promote your venue to reach highest profit potential, i.e. unique advertising strategies, dinner and a show ideas, bringing in a well-known celebrity, group parties/conventions, etc.

What Is The Cost?

Always the question on everyone’s mind!! We can provide you comedians at any cost, but you will always be getting what you pay for. There are plenty of agencies that will provide you with an inferior product for a lower price. Although this is a good way for an agency to ring up a sale, we feel that it’s not good for our industry, our clients, or our talent. Prices will vary according to the following: the amount of shows each night, which night(s) of the week you will be needing comedians, the number of comedians, the quality of talent you desire. Please call us for an official price quote. Also, lodging is required for all performers at the venue’s expense.

What Will Be My Contractual Obligations?

Summit Comedy, Inc. realizes that the entertainment business can be very fast-paced even for the most experienced manager. If coming on as a weekly client, you will need to give a deposit of your weekly comic cost. Many agencies tie you down to long-term contracts. We do not feel that you should have to stay on for a lengthy period of time if comedy is not working for you. We only require a written 30-day notice of termination so the comedians can be notified to find other work since they are usually booked months in advance.

What Will Summit Comedy, Inc. Provide?

1) If coming on as a weekly client a representative will visit your club, if so desired, to evaluate your sound, lights, seating arrangements, and basically walk you through the steps of a successful comedy night(s).

2) Information with the proper “Do’s & Don’ts” of the having a comedy night or nights.

3) A consistent supply of top-notch comedic talent on a weekly basis.

4) We provide media support, press releases, promotional materials and digital photos and bios of the comedians in advance of the appearance so you can properly promote the shows.

5) A personal client/representative touch to answer any questions you may have regarding day-to-day problems that may arise in regard to operating your comedy night(s).

Our goal is to find a way to make comedy work for you! Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory information, and we look forward to bringing you on as a client!