MATT BAKER   @comedystuntshow

Matt Baker’s Comedy + Stunt Show is a whole new level of awesome. It would be selling him short to label him just a stand-up comedian. What other comedian holds five Guinness World Records? Awesome, right? The judges on Americas Got Talent agreed. Sharon Osbourne called him “hilarious” and Piers Morgan described him as “hip, funny and well-choreographed; the total package!” His unique show has been seen on Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central and in over 19 different countries. Matt engages even the toughest crowd and keeps them laughing all while performing one of a kind stunts like catching a bowling ball on his head, spearing vegetables with eating utensils and escaping handcuffs. An action packed show that’s hilarious, fun, hip and appeals to a very wide demographic. Matt Baker is a Stand-up comedian with skills. If you want a show that’s the total package, he’s got it!