JAKE RUSH   @iamjakerush

Jake Rush is an up and coming comedian based in Los Angeles, California. His two greatest loves are chicken and the sound of laughter, and he is pursuing a career in comedy to provide for both of those needs.

He exploded onto the scene as the runner up in the 1999 Westlake Hills Elementary School Talent Show with his adorable, moving and layered performance of “Bonnie, the Beautiful Butterfly.” After a brief ten year hiatus, he once again graced the stage as Stew Pot in the beloved musical, “South Pacific,” which he followed up with performances as Cinderella’s Prince in “Into the Woods” and Moonface Martin in “Anything Goes.”

Realizing his star burned too bright for musical theater, Jake redirected his energies toward standup comedy. With an uncanny combination of comedic timing and boyish charm, Jake has taken the LA comedy scene completely by storm.

Stylistically, Jake identifies most with comedians like Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, Richard Prior, Kevin Hart, Bernie Mac and Lebron James.