This clever comedian with dry wit has never conformed to traditional values.  She approaches her successful stand-up career the same way she does her life – with unrepentant enthusiasm. It’s a balancing act few will ever master. The scales are decisively tilted in Kristin’s favor. Comedy beckoned the working mother of three at just the right time. Disenchanted with corporate America and inundated by the challenges of marriage and family, the Texas native channeled the weight of emotion, disappointments and untapped creativity into a hysterical declaration of her life altering experiences. Since 1991, the birth of each of her daughters has inspired her to pursue a better, fulfilling future. The idiosyncrasies of married life unintentionally contributed copiously to her witty material. And a chance encounter with an open mic in Houston, Texas in 1998 revealed Lindner’s heart beats for stand-up. Kristin’s catharsis began when she boldly transferred her hilarious interpretation of life to the stage. She’s raw and relatable, painting a vivid image of reality every one can appreciate. Her tongue in cheek description of her children’s willingness to wear garbage bags to subsidize her earnings as a stand up comic is indicative of the support and encouragement that helps fuel her passion. A decade in, her distinct, edgy style and material ranks her among the nation’s most talented comics. Kristin’s likeability is deliriously satisfying. Today, her sardonic take on marriage and raising children resonates so profoundly with her audiences she is considered one of the funniest, most pragmatic voices of modern, adorably flustered femininity. Her love of comedy and flair for theater blends skillfully with her quirky approach to family as she guides you through the trials and triumphs of every day life through humor.  Kristin Lindner Says What’s On Your Mind. Come Hear What You’ve Been Thinking!

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